Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Now introducting our Home Decor!

We are now selling home décor! Note: you can now purchase certain items directly from this blog. Check out the decor on the right side of our page for direct purchasing!

We specialize in farmhouse style which is very hot here in the South! From wall canvas, pallet art to nesting crates and tin divider buckets. We even have sandwich shop chalkboards.You can also shop our Instagram or Facebook page to purchase decor just by commenting on the item you want. Just search for One on One Flooring and Décor and you will find us!

 On top of home décor we are now selling Lenny & Eva jewelry! If you aren't familiar with Lenny and Eva it is an artisan jewelry line based out of Cookville, TN. Their line of jewelry let's you tell your spiritual, love or family story!
We offer paypal by sending you an invoice by email, cash, ck or all other credit cards except American Express. We offer delivery of our merchandise to centralized locations in Huntsville, AL or surrounding areas. We will ship, but unfortunately the larger items can be a pricey shipping fee. Lenny & Eva ships easily!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pink: a color misunderstood

Pink is so misunderstood! When you think pink, it's usually always for a girl and that is true. Pink is a feminine color, but it can be used in other rooms of the home besides a girl's room.I love to see pink in places where you need to lighten the mood such as a laundry room or home office. Sometimes pink is perfect for a guest bath or living space. Real men wear pink is what the popular t-shirts say, but can real men handle pink decor? Hmmmm.......that might be a loaded question! I say use it as an accent if you can't handle too much of it. Use a very light shade of it where it doesn't overwhelm the eye. There are many ways to use pink without thinking Pepto Bismal! Let's look at some examples of great ways to use our friend "pink" ;). I hope to inspire your love for pink!
Light pink drapery and flower arrangements is just enough pink to satisfy the eye in this gray living room.

A laundry room is the utmost perfect place to use pink! Look how fab you can make a room that you usually dread going to.

This laundry room will make anybody smile. The hot pink paint with white bubbles is a great atmosphere for a dreaded chore!

Love love love the fact that they were brave enough to use a rose color carpet. The hot pink desk is a great accent to pair with the black and white theme. They came up with a clever idea with the black chalk paint and hand made calendar! Big thumbs up for this office!

This vintage style bathroom featuring salmon pink paint feels very timeless to me. Salmon is definitely a more universal shade of pink. Of course using elements such as the vintage subway wall tile, floor tile, the sofa table acting as a vanity and the crystal chandelier helps pull off the timeless look.

Pink and brown has always been a very favorite combo of mine. It works so well in this bedroom and creates a very universal age appropriateness to it. From  infant to age 99, this color combo just works!

Use pink sparingly, on one wall with bed accents!

Hot pink accents in a neutral bedroom is the perfect pop of color!

A child's room made to fit their personality with a horizontal pink striped accent wall along with other pink elements. Notice how the gray wall really grounds the pink used here!
Pics courtesy of Pinterest.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mixing color, patterns and textures

Sometimes mixing colors makes a room beautiful. Other times mixing patterns and textures is just what you need! Go a step further and you can mix color, texture & patterns. It's all about finding that right balance that doesn't overwhelm the eye. You don't want people to think "TACKY"! You want people to think "CLEVER"! At the end of the day, go with what draws your eye, your emotions & and your senses. Here are some rooms to inspire your imagination!
Analogous colors with patterns of twa, stripes, greek key & chevron. It is bold pattern mix but the color scheme makes it all feel calm. via House Beautiful

Soft blue with neutrals make this mix of patterns soft and sophisticated. via Pinterest

Brick walls, unfinished floors, aztec patterns and soft solid fabrics create a beautiful balance of hard and soft in this bedroom. via

I'm talking about removable geometric wallpaper with unfinished hardwoods, a tweed sofa and striped throw pillow!  Oh & I adore the funky modern copper lamp! via Etsy
Not sure what to call this color combo: complimentary and analogous but what a beautiful combo of color and pattern. Very eclectic! via Pinterest